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10 Music Videos That Feature Movie Stars



Tom Hanks in I Really Like You

The movie and music industries are linked more closely than one might think. Historically, there have been countless cases of stars who have tried their luck in the other industry, regardless of the outcome. On one hand, there is a large list of singers who became great actors, with many of them even garnering nominations and awards for their performances. Among the best known cases is Lady Gaga’s starring role in A Star is Born, for which she was nominated Best Actress at the Academy Awards, and won the statuette for Best Original Song. In turn, it also happens the other way around, with Hollywood superstars embarking on musical careers, such as Scarlett Johansson, who, in addition to releasing three albums, has also lent her musical talent to many of her acting roles, singing, for example, songs in Sing 2.

At times, both worlds connect in a different way by both doing what they know best: making music videos that feature movie stars. Such collaborations are especially beneficial, and can often help an up-and-coming actor grow in the industry. Sometimes, it also happens the other way around, with great actors boosting lesser-known singers and bands. Regardless of the circumstance, when both the actor and the singer or band are well-known stars, then the music video turns into an undeniable hit. Here are 10 music videos that feature major movie stars.

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Ben Stiller played himself alongside many other stars who were featured in the music video “Bad Boy 4 Life”, a song by P. Diddy, Black Rob, and Mark Curry. Directed by Chris Robinson, the music video was released in July 2001 and was later nominated for Best Rap Video at the MTV Video Music Awards and the MVPA Awards. Additional celebrities making cameos in the video included Dave Navarro, Travis Barker, Richard Dunn, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, Pat O’Brien, and Shaquille O’Neal, among others.

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A single called “Drew Barrymore” was bound to feature the acclaimed actress. In 2017, SZA released her album Ctrl, and the same year, under Dave Meyers’ direction, she shot the music video of this song about solitude. Drew Barrymore‘s story and work served as an inspiration to the singer throughout her life, which is why she chose to write a song about her. And even though the actress’ cameo in the music video was rather short, it was still a significant moment in a production full of details and references.

“Remember the Time” was one of Michael Jackson’s longest music videos, with a duration of nine minutes. Released in 1992 and directed by John Singleton, this short film was set in Ancient Egypt and starred Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Iman, Tommy “Tiny” Lister, and Magic Johnson. Murphy played the Pharaoh, and Iman the Queen, who wanted some entertainment. For his part, Jackson played a wizard who got the attention of the bored Queen with a stunt and a song recalling the time they had shared.

In 1997, actress and director Angelina Jolie starred in the music video “Anybody Seen My Baby?” by the English band The Rolling Stones. Jolie, who was just launching her acting career at the time, played an exotic dancer who, in the midst of a performance, ran away to wander the streets of New York City. Mick Jagger, meanwhile, set out to track her down in the city. The song was part of the album Bridges to Babylon from the same year.