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5 Shows Like Abbott Elementary to Watch Next




The situational comedy — or, more commonly, sitcom — has been locked in its place in television history since the dawn of the form of entertainment. From Seinfeld’s breaking of the mold that dared to tell a story about the humdrum of daily life to Arrested Development’s outlandish, uncommon family-centered misbehavior, modern TV sitcoms have fictionalized both high and low aspects of reality. As society continues to shape itself and new television series pull from the influence of the world around it, sitcoms have evolved to pivot around relatable events in commonplace settings. They have been given the ability to convert even the most difficult moments in life into easy-watching experiences for a variety of audiences in search of something light.

Abbott Elementaryfaces the reality of underfunded schools in the United States with a lighter and more heartwarming tone. Each episode emphasizes the means of resolving whatever troubles may arise through the use of minimal resources, though no two challenges are parallel to one another. Created by Quinta Brunson, the ABC series directly focuses on the ongoing issues of how underprivileged students are treated in the educational system and the cost of ensuring quality education. Abbott Elementary

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features an easily lovable ensemble cast that further amplifies pressing social issues both in and out of the classroom. Indeed, the showspends time with its teaching staff, but additionally shines a light on its student body and what life may look like for them after class is dismissed. Boldly, there are conversations around race and how it is perceived in America, which has folded itself into the series through the farcical “white allyship” running joke attached to Jacob Hill (Chris Perfetti). Compared to its more mature school-themed sitcoms such as Glee, Abbott Elementary is a fresh take that is greatly welcomed. While waiting for Season 2 to arrive — which, per Thrillist, is expected Fall 2022 — here are five shows like Abbott Elementary to watch next.

In A.P. Bio, Jack Griffin (Glenn Howerton) is asked to pick himself up from a failed career as a Harvard philosophy professor and rebound back into his career in education. While on the lookout for his next move as a teacher, he makes his way back to his hometown where he accepts a position teaching Advanced Placement Biology. The situation isn’t as harmless as it may appear, and Jack uses his biology students as a means of seeking revenge on those whom he believes have mistreated him. Howerton, known for his sadistic comedic performances, hits similar beats to his role as Dennis Reynolds in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, on a less extreme caliber. This American school-themed sitcom exaggerates the struggles of working in education with sharp and dry humor.

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After suffering the hurt of a bad breakup, in New Girl, over-excitable and quirky school teacher Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) moves into a Los Angeles loft with three other single men who each deal with a fair share of troubles of their own. Nick Miller (Jake Johnson) faces an ongoing identity crisis as he attempts to pull himself together after his decision to leave law school; ex-professional basketball player Winston Bishop (Lamore Morris) bounces from career path to career path after returning from Latvia; and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) copes with an ongoing romantic dilemma. The handful shares their quirks and eccentricities while trying to understand who they really are.

A step-up into higher education in the American school system, Community asks Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) to return to community college after it is discovered that his law degree is illegitimate. Claimed to be one of the most “inventive” series on television by Vox, Community represented a small aspect of each diverse point of life through a more upbeat tone. The series cleverly reflected on the true “melting pot” presentation of community college students while simultaneously unfolding unlikely bonds between uniquely memorable individuals. Despite broad differences in each’s background, the study group’s relationship becomes tighter as each academic year is spent together. Community honors a sense of community through magnifying hometown challenges (and giving them a little heart, too).

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