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8 Most Commonly Used Songs in Movies




Do you ever feel like you know certain songs, but can’t remember from where? There’s a high probability you’ve been subconsciously consuming music whenever it’s played in the background of a movie. This is true for a handful of songs — also known as needle drops — given the fact that some are used more commonly than others. Maybe it’s the catchy melodies or the theme that runs through the songs and can be used almost anywhere, one thing is for sure: they are used pretty often throughout the history of cinema.

Indeed, music and film have gone hand-in-hand ever since cinema’s early days. The partnership between the two has even brought together major industry players within both media. Famous music al artists have composed soundtracks for movies, while others have either written a song specifically for a film or lent their tracks to one. The songs in the list below are some of the most commonly used in movies.

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British rock band Queen and singer David Bowie sure knew how to make complete bangers that would be used almost everywhere for the future to come. The song “Under Pressure” talks about the pressures of conformity that is put on us by the society, so it has some pessimistic undertones. “Under Pressure” nonetheless acts as a relevant needle drop in many popular movies. Grosse Pointe Blank plays the song when the main character Martin deals with his internal struggles concerning his family. We can also hear it in the rom-com The Girl Next Door, in the superhero movie Zoom, as well as in the buddy comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry. What probably stays as the greatest use of the song is its inclusion in The World’s Greatest Dad starring Robin Williams.

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Considered his signature song, “U Can’t Touch This” is a single produced and performed by American rapper MC Hammer. The song has become so popular that it has constantly been included in not only movies, but also TV shows and commercials. The hit has been used in movies such as the action comedy Tropic Thunder with Ben Stiller, the drama-adventure Into The Wild, and the K-Mart shopping scenes in Grown Ups 2. The most memorable use of “U Can’t Touch This” may for many of you be in the dance-off scene in the cult classic cop comedy White Chicks.

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song “Sweet Home Alabama” was released back in 1974, but surely hasn’t been forgotten, as it’s been used in movies and TV series left and right. Although a different version, the song was recreated by Eminem himself in a movie about his life 8 Mile. Joe Dirt — a movie about a man looking for his long-lost parents — has also seen the song becoming part of its official soundtrack. We cannot forget the movie that borrowed the song’s title in all its glory: Sweet Home Alabama. Do you remember the dance scene in Con Air with Nicolas Cage? Yes, that was “Sweet Home Alabama” as well. Last, but definitely not least, the most iconic use when Forrest dances with his beloved Jenny in Forrest Gump.