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Adult Swim Unleashes Teaser for Primal Season 2




Spear and Fang are back, and this time the stakes are even higher in the next season of Primal. The unexpected hit adult animated series from Genndy Tartakovsky took the world by storm when it premiered in October 2019. Now, after what feels like eons, fans finally have a release date thanks to the teaser dropped by Adult Swim.

Primal is the adventures of caveman Spear and his dinosaur companion Fang as the two claw their way through surviving whatever their ancient and alien world throws at them. The show is almost completely silent, featuring no dialogue outside of the events of the first season’s last episode. Spear and Fang communicate through gestures, looks, grunts and growls in order to find common ground and companionship.

Season one ended on November 2020 with an episode titled “Slave of the Scorpion”. Two people come across a woman who appears to be a runaway slave. The woman introduces herself as Mira, who forms a bond with the two despite speaking an alien language. The episode ends with Mira being re-captured by her oppressors, a scorpion decorating their sails. Spear utters his first word, Mira’s name, before the episode cuts to black.

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From the brief clips in this teaser, season 2 appears to be offering an inside look into the very cult that has taken Mira. Various clips featuring Spear and Fang take place either on or close to the ocean. One clip involves Spear battling warriors on a boat, another shows Spear riding on the back of a great turtle, another shows Fang swimming for her life out of the jaws of a massive shark! The two can even be seen on a small raft! It’s a good guess that this could be where the series starts, with the two pursuing the very boat that has taken Mira.

Another talking point of the teaser is the new enemies that Spear and Fang are facing. What do a lot of these new rivals have in common? Not only are a lot of them human, but many are notably more advanced than we have previously seen! In season 1, other humans that our heroes have crossed paths with involved primitive cults, ape-people, and more cave people. Mira was Spear’s first look beyond the Stone Age. But now, it is as if audiences have stepped forward in time with Spear and Fang, and with these new enemies come more advanced weapons and means of defending themselves. We see this in a shot in the trailer with Spear being covered in arrows.

One more, and possibly the most foreboding shot, is that of a horned giant on a throne. Fans will want to take a second look at “Slave of the Scorpion”. After helping the two catch dinner, Mira tells the story of her capture to Spear. While the dialogue is in a fictional language, Mira accompanies her story with drawings in the dirt. One of the drawings is of a massive humanoid figure with horns. It’s probably safe to assume the figure in the drawing is the same being that Spear will face in season 2.