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AdVenture Ages MOD APK 1.6.2 (Free Scientist Card) Download



AdVenture Ages MOD APK cover

AdVenture Ages: Idle Civilization MOD APK is a simulation game from the publisher Hyper Hippo. In the game, you are someone who can travel through time with a modern-time machine, but unluckily, the machine is having problems and you suddenly become a hero to save the era of civilization of the whole mankind.

Overview information

AdVenture Ages: Save civilizations, save humanity, and save yourself!

A compelling way to tell a story based on a topic that is not new

You may have seen many movies and played many games with time-crossing motifs. But I am sure that you have never played any game in which you came to the situation: the time machine went down (for a no-more-dull reason). Accidentally becoming a person “patching” the time machine and restoring broken timelines and guiding the most powerful civilizations in human history, can you do it well?

To do that, AdVenture Ages will take you on a journey through civilizations. Helping others is helping you. After completing your lead for a civilization to come back in the right direction, you will receive bonus points and items to return to upgrade your time machine. Your final destination is when the time machine has been fixed and you are back in your own era. But before you get there …

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You will go through the most golden periods of the earth: Bronze, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Industrialization, Atomization … and slowly read through interesting information about these, along with other Historical milestones which mark the transformation of humanity. You will even have the opportunity to meet and coordinate with important historical heroes to restore resources and preserve the population of that era. Fixing a bug in the timeline has added a segment to your return path.