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Akshay Kumar Song Filhaal 2, Know When Bpraak Is Releasing Video Song




The release date of Kamchat 2 has been revealed which is one of the most awaited music video nowadays, the music video casts Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon. Last Wednesday the first teaser of Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon’s song Filhaal2 Mohabbat has been released.

Filhaal2 Mohabbat song has over 100 million views on it in just 4 days. The description of the video state that if Filhaal touched your heart then Filhaal 2 will touch your soul.

Filhaal2 Mohabbat Song Details:

  • Featuring: Akshay Kumar, Nupur Sanon, and Ammy Virk
  • unnamed
  • Singer & Music: B Praak
  • Lyrics & Composer: Jaani
  • Director: Arvindr Khaira
  • PR Consultant: Hype
  • Online Promotion: Net Media
  • Executive Producer: Avadh Nagpal
  • Project by: Dilraj Nandha
  • Label: Desi Melodies

Filhaal2 Mohabbat song is now #1 on trending for music on youtube. In the past song named Filhaal, Akshay Kumar played the role of a doctor, and his ex-girlfriend meets with an accident and she is admitted to the hospital in which Akshay Kumar works. During this incident, Akshay Kumar meets Nupur after many years. Akshay Kumar recalls all the time they spent together as lovers, and how they separated from each other. Now the second part of this song will continue the story.

The pain of a selfless yet incomplete love story continues with the second part of the song named Filhaal2 Mohabbat, a romantic part that states the fact that true love never dies and if it does, it was never meant to be. The beloved pair of Akshay Kumar as Dr. Kabir Malhotra and Nupur Sanon as Meher Grewal returns, alongside Ammy Virk as Nupur’s husband. In this song, Akshay has seen riding the bike while Nupur is in the car and Akshay opens the door of the car and their eyes meet, however, Akshay comes to fix the dupatta of Nupur which is stuck in the car door. But the saddest part of the song is that Akshay dies in an accident.

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