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Antony Starr Deserves Emmy Nomination for The Boys Role, Kevin Smith Says



Homelander The Boys Season 3 Unhinged

With The Boys continuing to impress viewers with its newest season on Prime Video, there are many who say the superhero satire series deserves more love at awards season. The acting on the show has been top notch with the cast garnering widespread praise from critics and fans alike. With that said, it’s easy to make the case for Antony Starr to get an Emmy nomination for his expertly-played role of the sinister Homelander, and among those championing the potential nom is filmmaker and comic book lover Kevin Smith

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On his FatMan Beyond podcast (via, Smith spoke about how much he’s been loving the latest episodes of The Boys. He talked about how he’s especially impressed with Starr with Smith stressing how much the actor deserves an Emmy nomination. This is because, as Smith explains, Homelander is not just a villain who viewers “love to hate,” but someone who is legitimately “terrifying” due to Starr’s performance. That no doubt play a big part in The Boys being such a success.

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Antony Starr’s acting is one element of what makes The Boys so enjoyable for fans. There has also been a lot of praise given to the creative team. Smith hopes to see the writers get an Emmy as well, commending the writing and highlighting some of the most shocking moments that he’s seen on the show.

Last year, The Boys was up for two awards at the Primetime Emmy Awards. This includes a big nom for Outstanding Drama Series with Rebecca Sonnenshine also nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series for the episode “What I Know.” While the series did not win either of those awards, fans are hopeful that the series will get its due at the Emmys with season 3 proving to be very well received with viewers and critics.

The Boys is streaming on Prime Video. There will be more to come as Amazon has renewed The Boys for a fourth season and filming is slated to begin soon.