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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Why We’re Excited for Aquaman and Orm’s Team-up



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If you Google Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, you will most likely get a series of results unrelated to the movie. It seems as though the movie’s release is right around the corner, though we will not be seeing it until March 17th, 2023, with all the creatively indifferent buzz. Recent controversial and disturbing events have taken center stage concerning the soon-to-be-released film, so what will it be about?

More a symbol of debate about separating art from reality, the film’s actual plot has gone mostly unconsidered and undiscussed. However, a closer examination reveals a movie with much more potential than the first one. Fortunately, the movie’s creators have chosen to forgo the m ore conventional romance-based or bigger, scarier monster plot and focus on the brotherhood between the now alienated Aquaman and Ocean Master. It seems as though the sequel will embrace its place in a huge roster of superhero blockbusters by shaking things up a little. It looks like it’s not going to take itself too seriously and will focus more on character development and dynamic by harvesting the chemistry between its talented leads.

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Patrick Wilson, the actor behind Ocean Master or Orm Marius, is a likable actor and personality. Known for The Conjuring movies and other more minor hits like Big Stone Gap and The Phantom of the Opera, he is a good-looking, talented, and charming performer who we definitely want to see more of in the Aquaman movies. Even though he plays the supposedly big bad guy — in a film that co-stars Willem Dafoe, no less — Wilson still kind of steals the show. His story and arc are interesting, and it was very wise of Warner Bros. to choose to refocus on his character and his dynamic with the titular Aquaman.

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Jason Momoa, meanwhile, is a powerful presence not just physically but emotionally. He single-handedly remade the character of Aquaman, taking him all the way from fish man to really cool dude. He has much more to offer the adoring public than the prying reports into his personal life.

Here is everything we expect to see, and everything we want to see from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. We will also dive into the movie’s change in focus and quest to rise above its unintended association.

The footage revealed at an Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom panel by Australian director James Wan, also of The Conjuring movies and the first Aquaman installment, at this year’s CinemaCon, revealed the focus on Aquaman and Ocean Master’s rivalry and subsequent team-up. Arthur wanted to eventually reconcile with his brother, and evidently, that will be the focus of the sequel, and fans could not be happier!