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Bam Margera Makes Amends With Steve-O, Addresses Jackass Forever Exit



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While Bam Margera says he’s eager to leave Jackass in his past, he remains friends with Steve-O, one of his former co-stars from the franchise. Recently, Margera appeared as a guest for a remote interview for Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast, and the two spoke about how they were happy to remain friends despite everything that happened with Jackass Forever. While Margera was set to appear in the sequel, he had been fired early into production for violating an agreement that mandated he stay sober.

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In the new interview with Steve-O, Margera suggests his firing was an overreaction. He refers back to when he got into legal trouble around the time of Jackass 2, noting that he was given a “high five” for his actions at the time. Margera then compares that situation to getting fired from Jackass Forever over “sipping on a beer.”

Steve-O tells Margera that things have changed since Jackass 2, noting that back then, there hadn’t been the lengthy stints in rehab or any public meltdowns. He adds that, at a certain point, it stopped being “fun, funny, and cool,” and was no longer something they wanted to celebrate. But even with Margera’s continued issues, Steve-O says he campaigned for him to be brought back into the film, remarking that they came very close to making it happen.

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Bam Margera and the Jackass Forever team were not able to resolve their differences during production. That resulted in a lawsuit filed by Margera against the filmmakers which has since been settled. The terms of the settlement have not been publicly revealed. It would seem that Jackass is now firmly in the past for Margera, but as he tells Steve-O, he feels that he’s much better off that way.

The Jackass franchise will reportedly continue with a new series in development at Paramount+.