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Barry Season Three: Why 710N Was One of the Series’ Best Episodes



Barry Calls Sally

Spoiler Warning: Barry Season 3Barry’s third season has shown no sign of letting up, improving with every episode as tension continues to mount, leading to the June 12th season finale. Barry (Bill Hader) has become numb to the world around him. Before, Barry questioned his actions as a hit man, but now he seems utterly indifferent to it, falling into an isolating rut where even his desires to be an actor are now in question.

At the same time, Sally Reed (Sarah Goldberg) is witnessing the highs and lows of her own acting career, having her show achieve critical acclaim to then be canceled due to the algorithm. Sally’s breakup with Barry has certainly worsened his rut. For a man who doesn’t experience human emotions the same way as others, Barry’s lack of a genuine friend or love in his life only stands to reinforce his growing disconnection with reality. With Barry being distracted by his own disillusionment, Fuches (Stephen Root) has been working behind the scenes to build an army of revenge-seekers from the friends and family of people Barry has murdered.

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Fuches was last seen recruiting Taylor’s (Dale Pavinski) sister, Traci, to kill Barry. While Traci (Jolene Van Vugt) and her motorcycle gang aren’t the only ones that Fuches has approached, they are the most well-equipped adversaries that Fuches has met up with to this point. “710N” finally saw the first direct confrontation between Barry and the families of the people he’s wronged while featuring characters such as NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan), Fuches, and Sally, dealing with their own personal roadblocks, as they all dealt with obstacles in their life that had them questioning the trajectory of their lives and what path to take next.

Director Bill Hader shows off his artistic inclinations, meshing one of the series’ best action scenes with the funniest and darkest moments of the third season.

The episode opens with Fuches showing Traci and her gang where Taylor had wanted his hot tub built in the desert. Fuches lies and says Taylor gave Barry $1,700 for the hot tub. This is the sole motivator for Traci and her gang taking revenge, not Taylor being killed, but the fact Barry didn’t pay Taylor back for the hot tub. In a callback to Fuches’ previously calling Taylor’s idea to build a hot tub in the desert a terrible idea, one of the gang members states, “what kind of d**k…says no to a hot tub right there?” Before Fuches can head out, the same gang member shoots him in the chest, and Traci and the motorcycle gang leave with the information Fuches gave them.

The image of Fuches lying unconscious serves as the end of the cold open, but in typical Fuches’ fashion, he survives thanks to the help of a mysterious Rancher (Sal Lopez). As Fuches is nursed back to health, the Rancher’s shadow can be seen in the background looming over the scene, making the audience question whether Fuches is actually alive or if this is some sort of purgatory or even afterlife for him.

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