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Ben Affleck’s Best Movies from the 90s, Ranked



Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck has proven throughout the course of his career his versatility to fit into almost any role, and that includes behind the camera. With a pronounced interest in acting from an early age, his screen debut was in the 1981 independent film The Dark End of the Street, yet his biggest success back then was starring in The Voyage of the Mimi, in 1984. During the 90s, he was able to establish himself as an actor and took part in several films portraying different characters that were generally still high school students.

Although his first starring role was in Glory Daze, a 1995 comedy-drama directed by Rich Wilkes, there is no doubt that his most important production at the time, and the one that propelled him to stardom, was Good Will Hunting, the 1997 film in which he starred and co-wrote the screenplay with Matt Dam on, subsequently winning an Oscar for Best Screenplay. His relationship with Damon went way back: the two met as children and grew to be inseparable friends, participating in several films together, both as actors and writers. As a matter of fact, per Variety, they are currently working together on a film about Michael Jordan’s deal with Nike, a production they will write, produce and star in.

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Despite Affleck’s breakthrough after Good Will Hunting, which led him to star in a string of blockbusters, his career took a downturn after 2003, partially due to the overexposure of his private life by the media, and also because he starred in several films that fared poorly at the box office and with critics: Gigli, Paycheck, Jersey Girl, Surviving Christmas, Man About Time, and Smokin’ Aces. Following that bad streak, the actor took the courage to try his hand at different roles behind the camera, and in 2007, he had his acclaimed directorial debut with Gone Baby Gone, earning him a place among the greatest actors turned directors in the film industry. Of course, Affleck never abandoned his love for acting, and continued starring in hits such as The Town, Argo, and Gone Girl, among many others. His latest production to date was the 2022 film Deep Water, Adrian Lyne’s film in which he co-stars with Ana de Armas. This article will take a look back at some of the best 90s movies that launched this now established actor into the spotlight.

This 1992 movie had the distinction of bringing together four actors who, just a few years later, would become Hollywood superstars: Brendan Fraser, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Chris O’Donnell. In School Ties, Fraser stars as David Greene, a middle-class teenager who lands a scholarship to a prestigious school for his athletic prowess. He quickly becomes the talk of the school, making many friends and even charming several girls. However, there is one thing David is reluctant to reveal, which is that he is Jewish. Once this information is brought to light, the young man will have to face reprisals from his new friends and admirers, all of whom are extremely anti-Semitic.

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Armageddon is a 1998 film directed by Michael Bay and starring Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Billy Bob Thornton, Steve Buscemi, and Owen Wilson, among other stars. A rare phenomenon in the movie industry happened with this production: critical reviews were terrible, but the audience was delighted with the story of the astronauts and drillers who have to travel to space in order to save the world. The critics found it uninteresting, noisy, and predictable, largely condemning Bay for his filmmaking choices. Yet, because of the audience, Armageddon‘s release only boosted the careers of each of the cast members and, over the years, the movie turned into a cinema classic.

The acting duo of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck teamed up once again in 1999 to star in Dogma, a Kevin Smith comedy with several religious references. In this movie, Bartleby and Loki are two angels who have been expelled from heaven by God and are forced to stay in Wisconsin. However, the angel of death offers them a possible solution to return to heaven, although it would imply the destruction of the universe. Therefore, an envoy of Jesus is entrusted with the mission to stop this couple of angels, and she will count on the help of some allies. The cast is completed by Alan Rickman, Linda Fiorentino, Chris Rock, and Salma Hayek, among others. A fun fact about this movie is that it was quite controversial in its time and received the repudiation of some groups close to the Catholic Church, therefore the premiere date had to be rescheduled a few times.