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Best Animated TV Shows with LGBTQ+ Characters



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Being that it is Pride Month, one of the best ways to celebrate is to acknowledge the LGBTQ+ representation in media. Whether it’s the hilarious thriller Killing Eve or the classic gender-bending musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, there has been a great deal of progress made in terms of LGBTQ+ representation. Thankfully, that’s only been getting better as even Marvel is making steps to include LGBTQ+ characters in the MCU.

While most LGBTQ+ representation can be seen in live-action movies and TV shows, there has been more and more effort to include LGBTQ+ characters in the animated medium. Since most animated shows are targeted towards children, with the exceptions of shows like Rick and Morty, many censors have been weary of including LGBTQ+ characters in animated shows. This makes it all the more groundbreaking and noteworthy when creators do decide to include LGBTQ+ characters in family-oriented animated shows. Indeed, here are some of the best animated TV shows with LGBTQ+ characters.

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The first animated series to be created by a trans woman, as outlined by Advocate, Danger & Eggs is jam-packed with queer characters. Danger & Eggs follows the adventures of D.D. Danger, a child daredevil and safety-loving mutant egg, Phillip. This is a great set-up for a bunch of interesting adventures for children to tune into. Creator Shadi Petosky stated that she wanted the LGBTQ+ representation in the show to be overt rather than just a bunch of metaphors in the background. The show has often been referred to as the “queerest show on television” thanks to its wide-array of LGBTQ+ characters and the LGBTQ+ voice actors behind them.

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While Netflix has been the pinnacle of LGBTQ+ TV series, its best output has been She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. A spin-off of the classic He-Man animated series, She-Ra not only features a number of openly gay characters, but the show also covers every aspect of identity and how sexual orientation affects one’s view of onself. From Bow’s two gay fathers to the same-sex love shared between Adora and Catra, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is an example for many to follow on how to properly — and fully — represent the LGBTQ+ community. The show was praised by Paper Magazine for showing the “importance of chosen family” within the queer community.

Adventure Time is a one-of-a-kind show that features a talking dog that can stretch to any size and a Unicorn that only speaks Korean. Popular among both adults and children alike, Adventure Time is a colorful, happy place to retreat to when life gets too difficult. Thanks to the quirks and the unique characters, the show is not afraid to shy away from queerness. Two of the show’s most beloved characters, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline, share a complicated love that goes back quite a way. This open lesbian love is the epitome of LGBTQ+ representation in the show that has fans screaming with excitement.

Sailor Moon has a bit of a sordid past with LGBTQ+ representation as the lesbian relationship between Uranus and Neptune was changed to a close friendship in the English dub of the show back in the 90s. That said, the Sailor Moon Crystal reboot has shown the canonically gay characters for who they are rather than censoring them, allowing Uranus and Neptune to express their love for one another without any shame whatsoever. This not only has made long-time Sailor Moon fans extremely happy for returning the true canon to the characters, keeping it true to the original story, as could be seen in the original Japanese dub of the show.