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Best Marriage Proposals in TV History, Ranked



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Even from behind the screen, TV audiences are always desperate to have their favorite ships have a happily ever after. Unlike movies, television series have the benefit of having more time to develop characters. As such, audiences tend to build relationships with TV characters, buying into their storylines and relationships with one another. So, the absolute euphoria and unmatched joy we all feel as consumers to see our favorite TV show characters getting engaged are some of the best things to experience in entertainment.

The combination of tension, trials, tribulations, and undeniable romance are a recipe for a TV couple that is destined to tie the knot. Especially in a series that goes on for years, marriage proposals between beloved couples can be pretty common, but we are lying to ourselves if we say that it doesn’t hit every single time. And who doesn’t love a moment of just pure happiness laced in the grand romantic gesture of a marriage proposal? So, if you are in the mood for love and sometimes the occasional happy tears, here are the best marriage proposals in TV history.

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Are you just a hopeless romantic at heart? Good, because this intimate rooftop proposal is right up your alley. In the eighth season of How I Met Your Mother, Barney writes out “The Robin,” his playbook that lists out all the steps of their journey together, the list fittingly ending with “Step 16: Hope she says yes.” Robin moves the paper aside to reveal Barney down on one knee.

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How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) is one hell of a suspenseful thriller. As a result, whenever we are given some lighter and happier moments, it is 100% worth it. Two of our favorite LGBTQ+ TV characters, Connor and Oliver are the definition of perseverance and unconditional love. The crazy plot of this show tests their loyalties to not just each other but to their friends. In true HTGAWM fashion, Connor had to try more than once to get a “yes” from Oliver. However, for fans, to finally see them make this beautiful promise to each other is a win for us all.

The Vampire Diaries was truly an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish, and seeing these two finally get together was a highlight. Throughout the eight seasons of this CW show, it became obvious towards the end that Stefan and Caroline were each other’s endgame after a plethora of whirlwind romances. Their friends-to-lovers romance gave us endless butterflies. Therefore, it is only fitting that fans of this couple get to enjoy not one, but two heartfelt proposals, both times occurring in the eighth and final season of the show.

Orange Is The New Black is a Netflix Original show that quickly captured the attention and love of audiences. The emergence of Piper and Alex’s “forbidden” romance was actually a second-chance romance for the record books. After rekindling an old flame, Piper and Alex ended up falling right back in love with each other, all while stuck in prison (romance at its peak). In Season 5, Episode 12, Piper gives Alex a can of beans from a well-stocked bunker, asking Alex to marry her because although love hurts, being there for each other will make it hurt just a little less.

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