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Best Movies With Anthropomorphic Characters, Ranked



Kung Fu Panda 1

Actors are truly impressive performers, and film has given them the perfect medium to showcase their talents and provide the world with impeccable works of art. From the days of romantic Classical Hollywood movies like Casablanca to the likes of modern video game adaptations like Uncharted, film casts and crews have dedicated countless hours and a whole lot of passion to their roles on set. Rest assured, giving audiences such stellar performances is hard enough. Even more impressive are actors who can bring completely inhuman characters to life!

Anthropomorphic characters have been popular in film for years, and their evolution has made the world of cinema far more diverse. While these types of animalistic/otherworldly creatures can often be found in animated works on TV, some live-action movies go the extra mile to present inhuman characters that feel incredibly lifelike. Here’s our ranking of some of the best movies featuring anthropomorphic characters.

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Another ideal example of CGI blended into live-action, Paddington weaves the story of a friendly little bear who travels all the way to London from his native home in the Peruvian jungles. Paddington is searching for a home after losing his family, and he quickly takes to the Browns; while Mr. Brown is adamant about sending him off, the rest of the family falls in love with their cuddly new friend. Adventures and shenanigans ensue as Paddington searches for the explorer who met his aunt and uncle, and he must be careful to avoid a sinister taxidermist who wants to display him in her museum. This is the perfect flick for a fun ride and a happy ending!

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If you’re overdue for a Tim Burton fix, Alice in Wonderland is always a safe bet. Burton’s re-telling of the classic fairy tale kicks the whimsy up to 11, and heroine Alice takes on the dangerous task of saving her Wonderland from the bloodthirsty Red Queen and her enslaved dragon. As Alice and her magical friends venture to change everything, she finds the courage to change her own life in the real world; it’s a fantastic blend of fantastical magic and a gorgeous coming-of-age tale all in one.

Who else here is a Marvel fan? We love the MCU, and Guardians of the Galaxy is one experience you shouldn’t miss! A group of misfits — human runaway Peter, assassin and traitor Gamora, talking raccoon Rocket, benevolent tree creature Groot, and deadpan warrior Drax — joins forces to prevent two undefeated supervillains from taking control of the fabled Power Stone. Making sacrifices along the way, the team ultimately saves the galaxy from Thanos and Ronin, earning the title ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and a clean criminal record to boot.

Where the Wild Things Are is an adaptation of the beloved children’s book of the same name, though it adds a new layer of emotion to the story. Young Max struggles to cope with his feelings in the wake of his parent’s divorce, and he feels abandoned and alone when his sister begins spending less time with him. Infuriated, he throws a destructive tantrum and runs off into the woods, where he stumbles upon a group of huge, furry wild creatures. Proclaiming himself to be their magical kind, Max slowly begins to understand family dynamics and what he’s been putting his own loved ones through. Make no mistake: this is a fun movie, but be prepared to shed a few tears, too.