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Best Thomas Haden Church Movies, Ranked




Born Thomas Richard McMillen, to Maxine Sanders and Carlos McMillen, Thomas Haden Church would eventually change his name by adopting the names of other relatives. He began his career in the entertainment industry doing voiceover work and radio and got his first onscreen role as Dwight Jesmer in the independent film Protect and Surf, about a group of police officers who share a beach house in California as a way of escaping the hard realities of their jobs.

Since then, Church has made a name for himself in Hollywood, most notably as dimwitted mechanic Lowel Mather in the NBC sitcom Wings, Sandman in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, and Jack Cole in the critically acclaimed Sideways, for which he has received numerous accolades. Church also wrote and directed the 2003 comedy Rolling Kansas, about a road trip to find a magical forest made of cannabis, and starred in one of AMC’s highest-rated and most celebrated television series Broken Trail

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In addition to his acting career ,Church passes his time tending to the four ranches he runs with his partner. According to 2010 interview with Chron, driving cattle “defines him.” Church states, “Ranching is what I do, and every now and then, I make a movie.” Church will next star in the upcoming films The Happy Worker, the atomic age thriller Deception Road, and Peacock’s live-action comedy Twisted Metal. Here are nine of Thomas Haden Church’s best movies, ranked.

George of the Jungle is a goofy yet surprisingly entertaining family comedy about George (Brendan Fraser), a human baby deserted in the jungle after a plane crash, who raises himself into adulthood in the wild. When adult George rescues explorer Ursula Stanhope (Leslie Mann) from a lion, sparks fly, much to the dismay of her sleazy, scheming, obnoxious fiancé Lyle van de Groot (Thomas Haden Church). It is one of Church’s best comedic performances despite him being criminally underused.

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We Bought a Zoo is loosely based on the memoir of the same name by Benjamin Mee. It tells the story of widowed father Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) who longs for a fresh start after the death of his wife. Mee buys a run-down zoo as a restoration project for him and his family. Church stars as Duncan Mee, Benjamin’s brother and accountant who warns him against making the purchase. If you are in the mood for a feel-good family movie that teaches the lesson anything in life is possible, look no further than We Bought a Zoo.

Easy A is a modern retelling of the Nathaniel Hawthorne literary classic The Scarlet Letter. It follows Olive Pendergast (Emma Stone), a high school student who lies about losing her virginity to help out a friend and soon finds that her carefully crafted reputation is one she can’t quite escape from. It is one of Church’s best comedic roles as he shines as devoted high-school English teacher Mr. Griffith, who tries to help Olive navigate the difficult situation, while dealing with relationship issues of his own. Church told Chron, “It afforded me the opportunity to be that avuncular voice of wisdom with all the kids”. There are currently talks of an Easy A sequel in the works that would see the return of some of the original characters. Here’s hoping Mr. Griffith is one of them.