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Best Treasure Hunt Movies, Ranked



Indiana Jones With His Shirt Slightly Ripped

Is there anything as exciting as a treasure hunt? We don’t think so! Something about the thrill of the chase and the promise of untold riches gives you a feeling you just can’t get anywhere else. Whether you prefer to pore over baffling clues in hopes of finding the answer first or you’d rather enjoy the high-octane race to the light at the end of the rainbow, it’s easy to find something to love about the treasure hunting genre.

Thankfully, great treasure hunt movies are aplenty. The concept of the treasure hunt has been interpreted differently by tons of creators, but the results are fairly consistent: audiences around the world get to enjoy that adventurous feeling you can only experience in a great movie about seeking out the world’s most coveted prizes. Here’s our list of the best treasure hunt movies of all time.

The newest addition to the treasure hunting genre, Uncharted is based on the wildly successful adventure video game of the same name. We first meet young Nate and his older brother Sam as they attempt to steal from a museum, and the latter is finally kicked out of the orphanage they call home. 15 years later, Nate finally gets his foot in the door of the explorer’s world when he’s approached by Victor Sully to find Magellan’s lost treasure. It quickly becomes a race against time as the duo pursues a trail that leads them to previously untouched pieces of history.

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Equal parts comedy, musical, mythology and treasure hunt, O Brother, Where Art Thou is a treat for viewers. A ragtag trio of convicts makes a daring escape from their chain gang and sets off to find a mysterious treasure drowned at the bottom of a lake. The twists just keep coming in their adventure as they find themselves fending off sirens, facing down a cyclops, and evading the vicious KKK. Fun fact: per The Guardian, this satirical film is loosely based on The Odyssey and even references author Homer in the script!

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl introduces us to three protagonists, all bound by their connections to the pirate life. Jack Sparrow is a disgraced pirate captain searching for the fastest ship in the seven seas, Will Turner is a descendant of a famous swashbuckler (unbeknownst to him), and wealthy socialite Elizabeth Swan is kidnapped by pirates after lying about her identity. The trio collectively comes together as the greatest band of seafarers to ever live, and the entire movie is filled with hilarious antics, action and even a great love story. What’s more, the adventure continues as the franchise consists of five Pirates of the Caribbean movies in total, and according to Screen Rant, a sixth movie is currently in development.

The Goonies gave a lot of famous actors their start, and the story is fun, family-friendly, and full of laughs! When the construction of a new country club threatens to destroy their home, a group of local kids — dubbed “The Goonies” — bands together to search for the treasure of the infamous pirate One-Eyed Willy. This ancient pirate is considered to be the original Goonie, but the kids realize they’ve bitten off more than they can chew when a local crime family wants in on the gold.