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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Most Amazing Geniuses/Humans, Ranked



Brooklyn Nine-Nine Finale

The brilliant buddy detective comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most diverse police shows to date. Each of the detectives, along with their sergeant, precinct secretary, and captain captivated fans with current events balanced with comedy, personal growth, and good old-fashioned police work each week. Every member of the squad has a trademark that becomes a running joke throughout the show. Whether it’s Michael Hitchcock taking his shirt off at any given moment or Amy Santiago getting the team back to New York from the Midwest with 19 hours to spare, the quirks that may drive others crazy sometimes have redeeming and positive outcomes, especially in a heist situation.

Some of the best Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes were during the elaborate Halloween/Holiday Heists. Created by Detective Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samberg, as a means to quickly get through the squad’s Halloween shift, the heists evolved into a diabolical plot to be crowned “The Most Amazing Genius/Human” for the year. One of the running jokes throughout the show is the highly debated winner of the most heists, though it’s usually Amy and Holt passionately debating this. Considering the aforementioned trademarks, here’s how we determine which detective on the squad is the most amazing genius/human.

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One of the more seasoned detectives, he is one of the resident desk jockeys at the stations. With six ex-wives and two lovers, Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker), is one of the worst humans. He makes a variety of inappropriate comments to Rosa and Amy, more so to Amy than anyone else. Whenever the squad has their briefings, he is either making an inappropriate comment or referring to Jake as his best friend. Despite his consistent need to take off his shirt, he has several redeeming qualities. First, in an old case, he and Scully helped keep track of a former crime witness by eating at the restaurant where she worked once a week. He is also a fierce friend to partner Scully, often defending and supporting him.

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Scully, played by Joel McKinnon Miller, is possibly the sweetest human of the squad. He has been on the force as long as his partner, Hitchcock, and is also a desk jockey, though he differs from his partner in many ways. First, he is always ready to go home, but is not looking to retire. Second, he actually enjoys police work and has helped solve more cases than Hitchcock. Finally, he is appropriate for every occasion, even singing opera at several private and public gatherings. He is the sweetest of the squad due to his ability to find any unused space and turn it into a comfortable sleeping area. When Gina, Captain Holt’s assistant, returns from maternity leave, Scully gives up his nap room for Gina to pump privately and rest.

The resident foodie and best friend to Jake, Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) is the most unique of the squad. His love of food transcends the French and Italian cuisines popular among American foodies. In fact, Charles’ food takes and opinions are not only unique but contribute to his overall charm. Not only does he have interesting culinary opinions, his family is just as peculiar. He is also super close to his father and makes questionable remarks about their relationship. While he isn’t the best or brightest detective on the squad, he has a heart of gold and always brings his A-game to solving crimes. At one point, he even begins to outperform Jake on cases they work together.

One of the most dedicated fathers and husbands, Sgt. Terry Jeffords, portrayed by Terry Crews, is the most lovable of the squad. Despite his super-human exterior, he is the station’s resident dad. He often cleans up Jake’s messes on cases and is even in charge of him for an episode as a punishment for Jake. While Jake calls Captain Holt “dad” on several occasions, Terry often acts like the dad figure to Jake throughout the series, yelling “WHY?” at many of Jake’s antics. Terry also is the most vulnerable of the squad, confronting many issues within policing. During the annual heists, he tells the squad he is not participating, only to be part of the heist the entire time. The reason Terry is the most lovable is due to all the things he loves, but what Terry loves most of all, more than even yogurt, is his wife and their three beautiful daughters.