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Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness: A One of a Kind Family Movie



Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness

No matter your age, there’s no point in denying that there’s a special place in most people’s hearts for a good family movie, and sometimes there’s nothing better for a bad day than an animated movie. There are always plenty of chances, whether with the kids or on a lonely rainy day, to snuggle up and watch a comforting animati on to bring positive vibes and make us smile. Most of the time, something we love about these kinds of movies is that there is always a positive and hopeful message behind them that inspires us and can often be quite thought-provoking for both adults and children. One of those movies is 2022’s new animated comedy-adventure, Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness

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Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness is a beautifully animated film on Netflix based on the graphic novel Chickenhare, by Chris Grine. In a wonderful coming-of-age journey, we are introduced to two hare brothers, Peter and Lapin, who are on a mystical journey to find the Hamster of Darkness. Although, what they find instead causes a cuteness overload for viewers: a one of a kind, very adorable baby who was born half chicken, half hare.

When a decision is made by Peter to adopt the baby, we travel forward in time to watch Chickenhare’s life develop. Chickenhare dreams big about becoming an adventurer with the Royal Adventure Society, but when his chicken features cause him to fail, he does everything he can to stop himself getting disheartened. In a quest to prove himself a worthy adventurer, Chickenhare decides to search for the Hamster of Darkness himself with his friends’ help.

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We join their brave journey across the desert of death and watch as they overcome every obstacle in their way, like being trapped in a bamboo forest, and being sacrificed by a tribe of pigs. Along the way, Chickenhare becomes sad, as he believes that his appearance is the cause of all of his problems and believes that he is not a worthy adventurer. With the kind words from his friend Meg, who tells him that she decided to love her own skunk nature and that Chickenhare’s features got the group so far already, he remembers that he has attributes that no one else has – he can even use the fact that he can kind of fly to defeat the bad guys; no one else can do that. Once he had embraced his appearance, he becomes the adventurer he always dreamed of being, with the support and love of his amazing friends.

What might seem like your average animated kids movie actually holds a very important and loving message when you look at it again. Not only are the visuals brilliant and enjoyable to watch, the storyline exciting, adventurous, and full of fun, and the voicovers brilliantly engaging, but what we really see is a young Chickenhare who is extremely self-conscious of the way he looks. Doesn’t that sound familiar to how a lot of people feel, both children and adults?

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