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Castlevania Circle of the moon GBA ROM cover

When I started to re-learn about Castlevania: Circle of the moon, I accidentally read through the section about the entire Castlevania series and was like crazy. Two decades ago, we had a game that in terms of complexity is not inferior to the Diablo PC version. Now here I just want to talk about the Circle of the Moon, which is the best and most dramatic part, and also the part with the deepest plot.

Overview information

Name Castlevania: Circle of the moon
Publisher KONAMI
Console Game Boy Advance
Size 4M
Updated On

Castlevania: Circle of the moon: The War between the Hunters and the Vampires

How will you face the game?

Castlevania: Circle of the moon has non-linear gameplay. This means that at the beginning of the game, you can only go to certain are as of the castle. But when you get more skills, such as kicking the wall, … you will be able to go to other corners of the castle. There are special rooms that help you teleport to other rooms, or you can sometimes come across a few recovery rooms. The locations of these rooms are interchangeable, changing differently the next time when you play again. This is also a way to make a feeling of suspense and surprise in players.


Another point you can easily recognize is that Circle of the Moon is both a scenery-platformer game and a role-playing game. Your character Nathan has many different stats throughout the game: number of enemies defeated, health column, magic score, cooldown column, defense ability, magic points. You need to take a look at all these stats before the scene starts, it will help you a lot.