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Create Windows Forms Applications With C# and Visual Studio



Windows Forms is a Graphical User Interface(GUI) class library which is bundled in .Net Framework.

Its main purpose is to provide an easier interface to develop the applications for desktop, tablet, PCs.

Windows Forms are also referred to as WinForms applications can contain the different type of controls like labels, list boxes, tooltip etc.

In Windows Forms, a form is a visual surface on which you display information to the user. You ordinarily build Windows

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Forms applications by adding controls to forms and developing responses to user actions, such as mouse clicks or key presses.

What You can do with Windows Forms:

  • Develop smart clients ( Smart clients are graphically rich applications that are easy to deploy and update)
  • Build rich, interactive user interfaces
  • Request input from users, and communicate with remote computers over a network.
  • Create powerful Windows-based applications.

In this course we will build two windows forms project ( A calculator and volume converter) step by step from scratch using the C# programming language and visual studio integrated development environment ( IDE)

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners to Windows Forms

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