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Deadpool 3 Writers Say Disney Supports the Movie’s R-rated Content




Ever since the Disney/Fox merger, one of the biggest questions fans have been asking is whether Deadpool 3 will retain its R-rating. With the first two Deadpool movies having been huge box office hits, the vulgar and violent comic book movies are somewhat questionable when lined up against Disney’s sentiments when it comes to the rest of the MCU. However, Deadpool 3 writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have revealed that Disney has been surprisingly supportive when it comes to keeping the Merc With a Mouth as foul-mouthed as ever.

Disney’s family-orientated status has already been brought into the spotlight when it comes to Marvel following the arrival of the Defenders Saga

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to Disney+, which saw the introduction of parental controls in the U.S. due to mature content of shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. While this kind of control has been in place in many international locations due to Disney+ also carrying Hulu content under the Star brand, many parents in the U.S. were unhappy about Disney’s complete family-friendly set-up being disrupted. However, it looks like they need to prepare for more of that on the horizon as Reese recently explained that Deadpool 3 will definitely not be toning things down. He told Den of Geek:

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Fans of Deadpool had a very bad feeling when the Disney/Fox merger went ahead, fearing that this would be the end of their favorite fourth-wall-breaking superhero. However, over the last few months, Ryan Reynolds has been frequently teasing that work is definitely moving forward on the sequel, and it is going to be more of the same Deadpool fans have come to love.

Reynolds has already technically brought Deadpool into the MCU thanks to a reaction video where he played the character alongside established MCU character Korg (voiced by Taika Waititi) to promote his movie Free Guy. While this was really nothing to do with the MCU, having the two characters on screen together was enough to stir up fan excitement for Deadpool’s arrival sometime in the next couple of years.

Of course, recent news that a new Daredevil series is being developed, which could follow on from the Netflix show, has perhaps added to the belief that there is room for more adult-orientated entries in the MCU. Just how far Disney are willing to let these more mature additions to the Marvel canon go is something we will just have to wait to find out.

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