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Ego Sword APK + OBB 1.49 Download for Android



Ego Sword MOD APK cover

Ego Sword APK is an adventure role-playing game (RPG) from the publisher MAGMA CUBE. In the game, you play the role of a cute swordsman who is a lazy student in the current world. Let’s follow the swordsman and explore an unexpected adventure!

Overview information

Ego Sword: Swordsman, a real monster-slayer is strangely attractive

RPG games are now very popular on mobile platforms. So, to make a deep imprint in the players’ minds as well as create a special interest in them is very difficult. Some producers choose an attractive complex multi-story texture, some choose a new playing style with the superior hierarchy and item, others choose to return to the classic graphic style to recall the most simple and straightforward things inherent in this game genre.

And Ego Sword is one of the RPGs going in this 3rd direction.

The plot is simple and easy to understand

The story begins in a modern classroom. The student absentmindedly looked out the window and suddenly discovered a secret black hole on the grass of the schoolyard. After school, he rushed out to touch the weird black hole and came across a talking pink sword named Ego Sword. It said its true owner was looking for an external owner to help illuminate the sword’s effectiveness. Then now pick up your sword and slash the monster! Whether you know swordsmanship or not, it’s okay. Just follow the instructions in the game.

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So, you – the student is now officially caught up in a spectacular adventure in the land of monsters with many traps.

Gameplay is easy to understand, easy to play, and easy to integrate

Ego Sword can be called a national RPG game because all ages can understand and play and enjoy it. The gameplay is not difficult at all. And most of your operation is just touching the monster, the swordsman will automatically slash continuously until the monster falls.

Every time you destroy a monster, you will also have accumulated points, bonuses, and even cute monster gifts from the king of the planet. A small note for you is: In Ego Sword, manipulation is a little bit differently from the usual monster slashing games. Normally, with the animals along the way, you only need to slash once, and they will melt their bones. But here, you have to slash (touch) continuously to kill the monster even if it is a very normal one.

Ego Sword MOD APK download 1440x810

But fortunately for the swordsman that we can upgrade items. After each scene, there will be a list of sections that can be upgraded for you to choose from. It includes Damage / Soul / Sword Essence and two special modes: Auto-Slashing and Overcoming monsters without hitting. Choosing which one to upgrade is your right but consider it carefully because in the next scene you may have to deal with many more formidable and unpredictable monsters. In my opinion, it is best to give priority to upgrading your sword or if you have more money, choose another sword with greater damage as it will help fight monsters faster.

Graphics and sound

Like I mentioned earlier, a special feature, also the attraction of Ego Sword, is its simplicity and purity. From the gameplay to the plot and now the graphics are following right in this direction. Graphics in Ego Sword are classic, gentle pixel form. Except for the initial 2D storytelling that looks like an anime storybook, everything has been made in pixel form that couldn’t be simpler.

You may not find a tall, handsome swordsman with a six-pack body in Ego Sword. It is just a boy made of large and small color arrays. The monsters are many and varied but are also made up of color squares. But don’t be upset. The beauty of this type of graphics is that it can bring a real entertainment feeling which is reminiscent of childhood gaming machines and also reduce the pressure for players to play the game, which is all in Ego Sword. This graphic style also creates the game’s own attraction between a forest of 3D RPG games now.

Ego Sword MOD by APKMODY 1440x810

Sound also makes a great contribution to the “deliciousness” of this “traditional dish”. The background music is simple, exciting, not too much. For me, It’s moderate. There are also sound effects of the sword hitting the monsters, and the screeching sound of scores splashing out from each slash, which makes the game even more exciting.

Download Ego Sword APK for Android

Are you ready to join your knight in battles with monsters, protect the kingdom and everyone’s peace? Download the game Ego Sword to play here.