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Erin Moriarty and Antony Starr Comment on Their Power Dynamics on The Boys



Starlight and Homelander in The Boys

SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers for The Boys Season 3 AheadAntony Starr and Erin Moriarty have been hyping up the release of The Boys Season 3 finale, which releases tomorrow July 8th. In a recent interview with Collider, the duo shared their thoughts regarding the power dynamic between their characters. Starlight (Moriarty) has despised Homelander since entering The Seven, the most popular superhero team in the world, during Season 1 of the show. However, this season her character has done more damage to the power-hungry supe than ever before.

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As Collider questions the actors on the power struggle between the characters and the push-and-pull nature of their relationship, Starr says he always thought, “Homelander is the bad guy of the show, and Butcher is in the middle, and then Starlight is the ultimate good,” however, as we’ve seen with The Boys, there are no complete black and white characters. The full quote from Starr is below:

Moriarty felt the same way and talked about how important it was to her to play a young woman who is coming into her power.

Homelander has undoubtedly been drunk on power throughout The Boys; however, with the introduction of Soldier Boy, we finally saw a Homelander who experienced fear. Of course, with the revelation that Soldier Boy is, in fact, the supe’s biological father, we may see a different relationship begin to form within the final episode.

Following the start of Season 3, Starlight/Annie is one of the most famous supes in the world, and her ratings are off the charts. So much so that then Vought CEO Stan Edgar promotes her to co-captain of The Seven. But, of course, this angers Homelander, who then derails the relationship between Hughie and Starlight by claiming to be in a relationship of his own with Vought’s American sweetheart.

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