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Everything coming in September to Animal Crossing: New Horizons- Events, critters and more 



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The month of August has just arrived in Animal Crossing and brought a lot of new changes. It also saw the arrival of a long awaited update.

Still, Animal Crossing players are constantly looking to the future and in this case, the month of September. Both months are packed with great events and items.

September is the last of the summer months, which means there will be a lot of activity. Here’s everything coming to Animal Crossing in September.

September changes coming to Animal Crossing

The latest huge update was announced at the end of July, and the promise of more to come puts the next update at the end of the year, possibly November.

With that in mind, it’s safe to assume there won’t be any updates for the month of September.

Still, there’s plenty to be excited about.


September critters

There are several critters in Animal Crossing that will either be debuting or making their return in the month of September.

  • Common butterfly- 160 bells
  • Yellow butterfly- 160 bells
  • Monarch butterfly- 140 bells
  • Cricket- 130 bells
  • Bell cricket- 430 bells
  • Red dragonfly- 180 bells
  • Violin beetle- 450 bells
  • Pill bug- 250 bells
  • Centipede- 300 bells
  • Tadpole- 100 bells
  • Loach- 400 bells
  • Cherry salmon- 1,000 bells
  • Char- 3,800 bells
  • Golden trout- 15,000 bells
  • Barred knifejaw- 5,000 bells
  • Oyster- 1,100 bells
  • Turban shell- 1,000 bells
  • Chambered nautilus- 1,800 bells
  • Umbrella octopus- 6,000 bells
  • Sweet shrimp- 1,400 bells

September events

There are also a few events scheduled for the month of September. The Grape Harvest Festival, a recurring event, will last the entire month.

The Moon Viewing Festival, a new addition, is scheduled for September 12, 2021 and will run through September 21, 2021. The third Saturday will also be a Bug Off event.

The Chuseok event, another new addition, will be held at the same time. These events will bring about some new items, including the Dango, moon cakes and Songpyeon as well as other related items.

Dango design. Image via Nintendo
Dango design. Image via Nintendo

September is poised to be a huge month for Animal Crossing players.