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Exclusive: A Teen Couple Prepares for Parenthood in Icon Clip




A teenage boy must become the man his absent father never was in Icon, the new feature film from Icon Film LLC and Pretty Sweet Films. Having just made its VOD premiere, the film is available across all TVOD/Digital and Blu-Ray/DVD platforms throughout North America as of Aug. 1, 2022. You can watch our exclusive clip below.

Icon is written, directed, and produced by Tony Ahedo. Starring Parker Padgett and Devon Hales, the film also features Julia Denton, Tony Demil, Brice Anthony Heller, and Ronald Sansone. You can read the official synopsis for the movie below.

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Director Tony Ahedo makes his feature film debut with Icon. The filmmaker wanted his first feature to be grounded and relatable, deciding upon tackling the subject of teen pregnancy. While there are many other movies that have featured such stories, they are rarely told from the male perspective, and that’s what Ahedo wanted to bring to the table with Icon. Ahedo was also able to draw upon his own childhood with an absent father to use for inspiration.

“Most teen pregnancies depicted in film are set from the female perspective and I knew nothing about that,” Ahedo said. “What I did know was the toxic masculinity of growing up as a teen boy without a dad. I knew how I would have reacted in a pregnancy situation and the things that mattered at that time. My intent is not to glorify the male perspective, but to show it in such a way that displays the idealization of patriarchy and the toxic masculine views of the past.”

Because the film is partly inspired by Ahedo’s life, it’s set in his hometown of St. Petersburg, Florida, featuring many notable locations in the area. Going deeper than that, Ahedo also said how he blended many of his real-life memories from childhood into the story, making this a very personal project for the director.

“Truth is the first word that sticks out when describing Icon for me,” Ahedo went on to explain. “There is a lot of truth in this film, things I based directly from my life. Each flashback in the film is incorporated from a real memory I had as a kid. The arcade memory featured heavily in the film, was the last memory of my father. It was important for me to base these scenes from my truth as a person and a director.”