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Exclusive: Jeff Hayes Talks New Horror Film Fragments of a Ghoulish Mind



Fragments of a Ghoulish Mind

There’s a new boogeyman in town, and his name is Henry. He is the rainbow-colored star in Jeff Hayes’ Fragments of a Ghoulish Mind. The film aims to blend the borders between bombastic 80s horror and the unbelievable true crime stories audiences eat up today. The film’s synopsis can be read below.

Fragments of a Ghoulish Mind is written and directed by Jeff Hayes, who is best known for bringing the Sleepaway Camp film series back from the dead. The director reached out to MovieWeb to talk about the film, stating that the movie takes inspiration from the horror/slasher movies of the 80s he grew up on, and the current trend of true crime stories that top the charts for streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video.

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Fragments of a Ghoulish Mind is a more mainstream-directed remake of Hayes’ previous film Ghoulish. The 2018 original is the story of a psychologist who tries to uncover the root of a patient’s dark fascinations. Both movies feature the character of Henry, who is driven down horrific roads by his fetishes involving gore and young women. Hayes spoke with MovieWeb about the differences and similarities between the two.

Fragments of a Ghoulish Mind stars a cast of both volunteers, newcomers, and friends of Hayes. Production of the film took place over the COVID-19 pandemic, from the start of shooting to the end of post-production it was around three years in total. Out of the cast, two characters reprise their roles from Ghoulish when stepping into Fragments, James Letteri as the twisted killer Henry. The film also stars Millie Chew, Isabella Clementine, Kevin Conway, Lynna Premo, Lorenza Etienne, Jon Hagberg, Cheryl Hayes, Desiray Hayes, Dillon Hayes, Jeff Hayes, James O’Connor, Brenda Reynolds, and Sean Reynolds. If a few of those names sound familiar to you, you might be a fan of Sleepaway Camp, and that’s not an accident!

Jeff Hayes has been involved in the Sleepaway Camp series over the past few years, including co-founding and producing shorts such as 2008’s Return to Sleepaway Camp, and 2015’s Sleepaway Camp 3: Tony Lives, and the 2014 short Judy. Sleepaway Camp alumni Daryl Wilcher (Riff from Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland) reprises his role as Daddy D from Ghoulish, which also stars Felissa Rose (Angela from the original Sleepaway Camp) as Dr. Ortiz.

The Judy short is actually where Hayes was introduced to his Chloe! The short stars Lynna Premo alongside Karen Fields (who reprises her role as Judy from the original Sleepaway Camp). This caught the attention of Premo’s daughter, Isabella Clementine, who wanted to get involved in movie making too!