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Exclusive: Will Poulter Sings in The Score




British actor Will Poulter continues to challenge himself with interesting roles. He co-stars with Johnny Flynn and Naomi Ackie in a heist musical called The Score. The film follows two small-time criminals as they try to recover stolen money. They run into problems at a rural roadside café. Will’s character, the rough and tumble young upstart Troy, is smitten by the captivating waitress, Gloria (Ackie). Their instant connection becomes a problem for Mike (Flynn), who’s arranged the meeting and has another duplicitous agenda.

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Written and directed by Malachi Smyth with the production team responsible for Yesterday, The Score utilizes the music and lyrics of Johnny Flynn. The famed film, theater, and television actor has released five studio albums with his band, Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit. Flynn has also served as a composer on film soundtracks. Smyth and Flynn collaborated on The Score’s beautiful songs.

My first question concerned Will’s awareness of Johnny Flynn’s musical career. Did he have any input on the songwriting?

Will Poulter: I was a big fan of Johnny as an actor. But if I’m honest I hadn’t heard his music until The Score. It’s so beautiful and he’s such a brilliant artist. His lyrics are full of such depth and they were an invaluable resource to us during the shoot. We’d quite often refer to the lyrics of the music to supplement the scripts. We were really lucky to have the combination of such a brilliant script and so many lyrically rich songs.

Poulter has had a tremendous career since childhood. He’s come a long way since playing the memorable Eustace in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The Score marks a significant change in his choices as an actor.

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Describe the pitch meeting for doing a heist musical?