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Grant Gustin Trends as Fans Renew Campaign for Him to Replace Ezra Miller as The Flash



Ezra Miller & Grant Gustin

Could the stars be aligning just right for Grant Gustin to hop over to the DCEU from the Arrowverse, replacing Ezra Miller as Barry Allen in The Flash? As it stands, Gustin’s schedule is about to free up considerably. It was just recently announced that the upcoming ninth season of The Flash would serve as the final season of the long-running Arrowverse series.

Also in recent news, Miller has been arrested once again, this time for felony burglary in Vermont. Miller’s multiple arrests and other examples of problematic behavior have reportedly put The Flash

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in serious danger of getting canceled. Because Warner Bros. Discovery just recently axed Batgirl, even with that movie having completed filming, there is a good chance The Flash could get scrapped, or perhaps even remade with a different actor in the lead role.

Enter Grant Gustin, as far as many fans are concerned. The latest press involving both actors has been seen by fans as a perfect storm to set up the switch for Gustin from the Arrowverse to the DCEU. Whether that will end up happening remains to be seen, but there are certainly a lot of fans clearly hoping this is the direction that Warner Bros. Discovery will take with the film.

“I vote Grant Gustin for The Flash movie,” one fan recently wrote on Twitter. “Has done the job, has no criminal allegations. How is this a hard choice?”

Another fan says, “Time to get Grant Gustin as the movie flash now. But in all seriousness tho i do not know what exactly happened with Miller. I hope ppl are safe I guess.”

“Get Grant Gustin to come in and reshoot the The Flash scenes,” suggests someone else. “It will cost alot but it could save them a major headache in the long run.”

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