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Happy Death Day 3 Talks Are Happening, Jason Blum Says



Happy Death Day 2U Gets a Valentine's Day Release Date

Nothing is yet set in stone, but Happy Death Day 3 is inching closer to reality. In 2017, producer Jason Blum and director Christopher Landon teamed up to release the original Happy Death Day, a film following a young woman named Tree who gets murdered every day while stuck in a time loop until she sets out to find her killer and stop her death. Played by Jessica Rothe, Tree returned in the 2019 sequel Happy Death Day 2U, which was also directed by Landon and produced by Blum.

In the past, both Blum and Landon have teased a third Happy Death Day, but as of now, the sequel hasn’t been officially greenlit at Blumhouse. But Blum has not given up on the potential sequel, as revealed in a recent chat with Screen Rant. Blum revealed that he just recently had a meeting with Landon and the two were speaking about Happy Death Day 3. That doesn’t mean the movie is definitely happening, but the update is certainly a good sign for fans wanting a third installment.

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Christopher Landon said back in 2020 that he was so confident that Happy Death Day 3 would happen that he had already written an outline and knew exactly what the plot was going to be. He even shared some hints about the concept, revealing that it wouldn’t be set on the same day. What the filmmaker was waiting for at that point was for Blumhouse and Universal to get on the same page and give the horror sequel the green light. At the time, Landon also said that it was possible the third movie could be developed for the streaming service Peacock.

Landon also said Jessica Rothe was willing to return as Tree to help close out the Happy Death Day trilogy, so it would seem that all of the right ingredients are there for the third film to work. Let’s just see if these recent talks with Landon and Jason Blum end up with Happy Death Day 3 getting an official announcement in the near future.