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Heroes Inc! MOD APK 1.0.3 (Unlimited Money) Download



Heroes Inc MOD APK cover

Heroes Inc! MOD APK is an arcade game from the publisher Lion Studios. In the game, you are a hidden hero, going through each scene to destroy the evil robot’s army to save the world.

Overview information

Heroes Inc!: The marshmallow hero goes to save the world

The story seems too classic. But you will be amazed at the first image. It is not as glamorous, heroic as we might imagine. Are you thinking of yourself as a heroic, handsome, brave hero with weapons and armor? No, that’s just what you think, the developer doesn’t think so.

A very convincing opening, but the hero is very disappointed

As long as you have the ability and power, you will be the hero. Name, style, or appearance sometimes doesn’t matter. Heroes Inc! will give me a slightly humble start because the hero you choose is just a colored doll. It looked very funny and reminded of a marshmallow. I agree that each colored hero has a cool ability such as shooting a laser, shooting a gun, shooting rockets … but that disappointing appearance makes me feel very funny. And this funny difference that made me start playing the game.