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Hollywood Stars Sign Open Letter Calling for Changes to On-Screen Gun Violence




Frequent mass shootings in America have many Hollywood creators banding together to examine how violence is portrayed on screen. An open letter described as the #ShowYourSafety pledge has been released, signed by around 200 entertainers suggesting that the time has come to take gun violence in movies and television more seriously. Many familiar names are included on the list, such as Jimmy Kimmel, Shonda Rhimes, Judd Apatow, Amy Schumer, Eli Roth, Julianne Moore, Grant Heslov, and Mark Ruffalo, among many others. The letter reads:

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The open letter goes on to recognize how stigmatizing certain behaviors in fiction can result in real-life changes for the better, stressing that Hollywood storytellers can make creative changes to how gun violence is portrayed on screen. Ideally, doing the same with gun violence will improve real-life gun safety measures as well.

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The open letter states that the idea is not to “stop showing guns on screen, but rather they are asking filmmakers to “be mindful of on-screen gun violence and model gun safety best practices” and “use our collective power for good.” Some examples have also been listed as ways for content creators to better reflect gun safety in violent movies and television shows, which are as follows:

The statement adds:

With so many Hollywood stars already signing their names, we’ll likely see some of these changes making their way into upcoming movies and shows.