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Homesteads MOD APK 20000248 (Unlimited Money) Download



Homesteads MOD APK cover

Homesteads MOD APK is a simulation game from the publisher Enixan Limited. In the game, you are the owner of a small town, with the task of building a rich homeland, developing in all aspects, both in terms of construction and management.

Overview information

Homesteads: Build the most livable place in the wild West

Step by step build your town

The Wild West is majestic and the inspiration of all times. But to live, survive and thrive amidst a landscape of mountains and hills, and red dust filling everything, it’s not easy. You are a special character, born with a golden spoon, owning a town.

Your mission is to build, manage and develop your town into a place worth living and reaching the pinnacle of the growth of the times. It sounds pretty easy. But easier said than done.

First, you have to build a system of roads and transportation for the people in the area. Select directions, distribute routes, and classify different types of means of transportation to ensure convenience in the movement of residents, facilitate transactions and trade between regions.

Next, develop agriculture in the region. This is a challenge because everyone knows the wild West is a desert and a mountain. Cleverly select lands under mountain slopes to easily lead water down or an area next to rivers (watch out for flooding). You also need to plan what planting, how to harvest to help people work with high efficiency. Do not forget to raise poultry and cattle to develop livestock for the town. No matter how the town develops, agriculture and livestock are still the most important issues.

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