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“How does stopping the IPL help?” – BCCI official



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A BCCI official has tried to explain why the Indian Premier League (IPL 2021) should continue as scheduled amidst an ongoing pandemic in the nation.

There has been severe backlash on social media as the BCCI pursues to conduct a multi-million dollar tournament at a time when the second wave of Covid-19 has grappled India.

India has reported nearly 3.8 lakh cases and over 3,000 deaths in the last 24 hours. Hence, there have been several public demands to stop the IPL and postpone the remainder of the tournament to a later date.

But a BCCI official was of the opinion that hosting the IPL during these times is more important than ever, as he believes the league helps drive the negativity away.

The BCCI official further added that the Indian Premier League helps keep fans in their homes instead of stepping out on the streets. He noted that things might not change drastically even if the tournament is halted.


“It’s probably more important now to hold IPL, when there is so much negativity around,” the official said. “We should not underestimate the power of sport to spread positivity. At least fans are absorbed in it at home.”

“Otherwise many of them will step out without masks. The league generates considerable money for the economy. It has to be seen from that context, too. How does stopping IPL help?”

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BCCI leaving no stone unturned to ensure safety protocols for the IPL contingent

With the Covid-19 cases on the rise in the country, the BCCI is now testing everyone inside the bio-bubble every two days, instead of five.

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“The IPL will help India’s economy” – BCCI official

India’s apex cricketing board has also imposed a ban on food deliveries from outside the team hotels.

“In order to allay any apprehensions and concerns, we are further strengthening our bio-secure environments to keep everyone involved in the tournament safe and healthy.”

“Recently, we increased testing in our bio-bubbles to be extra vigilant. Instead of the stipulated test every five days, we now conduct a test every two days,” IPL COO Hemang Amin wrote in a letter addressed to all the players and support staff.

The BCCI has also assured all overseas players about the measures taken to help the cricketers reach home safely after the end of the tournament.