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How What If…? Season 2 Could Lead to the Trial of the Watcher



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What If…?, the Disney+ show about what could happen if just little things changed in the MCU, might be about more than just a fun little pondering of how the universe might change. What If…? could actually be Disney’s way of telling the story of Uatu, the famous Watcher of the Marvel Universe.

The Watchers have a long history in Marvel, and they are one of the most secret and powerful alien races in the universe. The fact that they are not often seen in the main Marvel storyline is mostly because of their ancient oath to never interfere in the goings-on of any race of sentient beings.

Despite this oath, one Watcher has been notoriously meddlesome, both in the comics and the MCU. He is the Watcher Uatu, the star of the What If…?

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series and the most prominent Watcher in the comics. In the narrative, Uatu creates by watching a series of specific events, he not only involves himself but eventually becomes the protagonist of his own story. Eventually, his interference in the universe grows to occur so frequently that the others of his race are forced to put him on trial for breaking their code of ethics. The show What If…? may not be some simple experiment, but actually telling the story of Uatu and his inevitable trial.

The Watchers are an immortal race of super-powerful beings. While most of the time, the term refers only to Uatu, since he is the only Watcher that does anything besides watch, he is actually part of an entire species of aliens that have long since removed themselves from the happenings of the universe. They are among the very first sentient species ever to exist, and despite their lack of active involvement, they are among some of the most powerful individuals in the universe. They can manipulate cosmic energy, teleport, create illusions and even travel through time.

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These immortal beings realized the nature of their powers early on in creation and agreed amongst themselves that they were too powerful to interfere with existence. Therefore, they created an oath always to observe and never to interfere.

In the comics and the MCU, they can occasionally be seen observing very important consequential moments in the Marvel Universe. They are not often observed, but they first showed up in a cameo with Stan Lee in 2017’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. And Uatu was introduced as a character in What if…? as the writers slowly broke the fourth wall between their anthology and their narrator. It has been established that this series is MCU canon as well.