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Hyderabad’s Indira Park Faces Outrage For Not Allowing Unmarried Couples Inside The Park



Hyderabads Indira Park Faces Backlash for allowing only married couples

There is no denying the fact that public places such as parks, recreational spots, etc. should be taken care of in a proper manner and those who make them dirty or destroy the property should either be punished or restricted from entering.


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In the modern times, parks have a special importance in our lives as the greenery is getting replaced by the concrete jungles and parks are among the only few places where one can spend some time in natural surroundings. However, sometimes the leisure time of public is destroyed by the acts of the moral police as they don’t like unmarried couples spending time together in parks and there are some who even don’t like to see kids or youngsters playing games inside parks.

Recently, comedian-writer Varun Grover took to the micro-blogging site Twitter to share a photo which shows a notice being hanged in front of a park in which it is clearly written that unmarried couples are not allowed in the park. We are talking about Indira Park which is in Hyderabad and quick surprisingly, the park management has also prohibited people from taking any sports item such as football, shuttle, volleyball, etc. inside the park.

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Soon people started reacting on this matter and while many slammed the park authorities, some made fun of the order by asking whether they should carry marriage certificates along with them or the singles should get married for visiting the park, and the funniest being whether couple needs to be married to each other.

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After facing the backlash and criticism, the authorities removed the banners and asked local cops to keep a check on it by paying visits on a regular basis.

Do you also have a park in your city where such restrictions are imposed? Let us know about it.

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