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Jamie Kennedy and Matthew Lillard Support Neve Campbell Turning Down Scream 6



Randy Stu

Following the success of the fifth Scream movie, it had been expected that Neve Campbell would return as Sidney Prescott in the upcoming sequel Scream 6

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, but it wasn’t meant to be. Campbell recently confirmed the rumors that she had turned down the sequel, clarifying that the payment that had been offered to her didn’t represent the value she feels she brought to the franchise. This means Scream 6
will be the first film of the series without its original “final girl.”

Of course, the news that Campbell won’t be back in Scream 6 will disappoint many horror fans, but she has been getting a lot of support from many applauding the actress for knowing her worth. Some of her old co-stars from the franchise have joined in on supporting Campbell for making the decision. This includes Matthew Lillard from the first Scream film, who said in a Twitter Spaces chat (via People) that he completely understood why Campbell declined the studio’s offer. As Lillard put it:

Similarly, Jamie Kennedy expressed support for Campbell with a video posted to YouTube. For his part, Kennedy said the studio’s refusal to give Campbell what she was asking for represented what’s wrong with Hollywood.

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Another Scream star, who had appeared in all five prior installments with Campbell, David Arquette, has supported Campbell as well. He previously spoke out about how it was “unfortunate” that she wouldn’t be back in Scream 6, but still felt that perhaps Campbell could return in a future film.

Scream 6 is set to be released on March 31, 2023.