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Jason Momoa Draws Criticism After ‘Liking’ Both Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Statements



Jason Momoa and Amber Heard in Aquaman, looking at a map.

Following a jury verdict that Amber Heard had defamed ex-husband Johnny Depp with false allegations of domestic abuse, many celebrities have been showing their support for one or the other. Depp seems to have the overwhelming majority of the public on his side with various celebrities coming out to support him, including Javier Bardem, Paul McCartney, and ex-girlfriend Kate Moss. But Heard is not without anyone in her corner, as celebs like Meghan McCain, Amy Schumer, and David Krumholtz have offered support to Heard.

Jason Momoa, who co-starred with Heard in Aquaman and appears with her in the upcoming sequel, took a diplomatic approach to the situation. After the verdict was read, both Depp and Heard had released statements on social media, with the former praising the decision and the latter giving it condemnation. Fans were quick to notice that Momoa had apparently “liked” the statements released by both Heard and Depp, and this led to some confusion and even some complaints from people criticizing the actor.

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“Jason Momoa, while I am a huge fan I can’t understand the reason for him trying to remain neutral in something as black and white as this,” tweeted one person. “IF Johnny was found guilty there would be ZERO support for him, not even a like on SM. The double standard is LOUD and unfair at this point.”

Another tweet noted, “Jason Momoa liking both Johnny Depp’s statement and Amber Heard’s statement. He really is saying best of both worlds. Trying to save his ass of cancellation? Expected more from him.”

Of course, Momoa giving a “like” to both statements could also be interpreted simply as the actor wishing both Heard and Depp well following the televised trial. Publicly, Momoa has not addressed the situation or his reported “lack of chemistry” with Heard in the Aquaman films. Staying quiet hadn’t gotten him into too much trouble with fans, but there are many who seem unhappy about his way of subtly offering support to both Depp and Heard.

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In Johnny Depp’s statement, the actor said that “false, very serious and criminal allegations” had left a tremendous impact on him and his family. With the decision, he said that he was given his “life back” by the jury. Depp explained that the goal with televising the trial was for everyone watching to hear his truth, restoring his name.