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Johnny Depp Ordered to Pay $38,000 to ACLU for Costs Related to Court Case




The ACLU wants paid after getting involved with the famous legal battle involving Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Televised and streamed online for everyone in the world to see, the high-profile defamation trial ended with a jury agreeing that Heard had defamed Depp with “false and defamatory” allegations of domestic violence. She was ordered to pay $15 million in damages, though the amount was reduced to about $10 million due to Virginia law. Depp was also ordered to pay $2 million when he was found liable for one count of defamation for public comments his previous attorney, Adam Waldman, had made about Heard.

Largely, Depp has been seen as the big winner of the case. One particularly big blow to Heard’s credibility in the trial came with the reveal that she had not donated the $7 million divorce settlement she had received from the divorce. At the time, Heard had claimed on television that she had “donated” the settlement, but documents produced by the ACLU proved that this wasn’t the case. Heard testified that she uses the words “pledge” and “donate” synonymously, and really meant that she had pledged the full amount to be donated over a long period of time. After the trial, a juror stated this as one reason why she was not believed.

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But this crucial evidence isn’t going to come cheap for Depp. Per TMZ, the ACLU has been awarded $38,000 in costs related to the defamation trial. Depp’s lawyers had subpoenaed documents from the ACLU to use for the case, and they claim that 1900 documents had to be produced. For time and expenses related to the case, the ACLU had sought $86,000. The judge agreed with Depp’s attorneys that this amount was “exorbitant and unreasonable” but did agree that the org should be paid, ultimately ordering Depp to pay $38,000.

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Johnny Depp did not waste any time getting back to entertaining fans after the trial. He had been touring with his friend and fellow musician Jeff Beck by making some surprise appearances on stage at some tour stops for Beck in the UK. The two have also announced they will be releasing a new album this month. Meanwhile, Depp is also getting back together with his band, Hollywood Vampires, with a new tour that has been announced for 2023.

Depp has been picking back up his acting career as well. He is gearing up for his next major role which will see him starring in a new film as King Louis XV. Despite recent rumors, he is not set for a return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise at this time and testified during the trial that he wouldn’t go back to the Disney tentpole for $300 million and a million alpacas. Even so, many fans are hoping that Disney will apologize to Depp and have the actor reconsider that stance to come back as Jack Sparrow for one last film. In any case, we’ll likely be seeing a lot more of Depp in the future.