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Look What Imman and Jonita Gandhi Got in 1 Minute Music Video: Kittakka Vaadi | Hey Enna Parva

1 Minute Music is the trend among music enthusiasts and social media influencers. After the introduction of 1 Minute Music on Instagram, several artists perform and share the 1 minute music videos to keep them on trend. The music director D.Imman shares the Kittakka Vaadi track in which he makes the quirky hook step and signature moves. Kittakka Vaadi 1 Minute Music Video shared on Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts.

Imman and Jonita Gandhi 1 Minute Music Video

On the other hand, the dazzling singer Jonita Gandhi piqued us with her new 1 Minute Music Video Hey Enna Parva. She also attired in both western and traditional outfits in the track. Hey Enna Parva 1 Minute Video is the latest trending Reels on Instagram.

Previously, GV Prakash and Teju Ashwini performed for Pattak Pattak 1 Minute Music Video which garnered a million views.


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