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Mark Boucher admits to being part of the group that called Paul Adams a ‘brown s***’, apologises for his conduct



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South Africa coach and former wicket-keeper Mark Boucher has admitted to being part of the group of players that sang a song in which Paul Adams was called ‘brown s***’.

The former South Africa spinner had alleged during the Social Justice & Nation-building (SJN) hearings that he had been nicknamed ‘brown s***’ by his former teammates including Mark Boucher.

In an affidavit submitted to the SJN Ombudsman, Boucher further stated that he doesn’t know who gave Paul Adams the nickname. He categorically stated that he did not give Adams the name ‘brown s***’ and did not know who did. However, Boucher admitted he was part of a group of players that sang a song in which Adams was called ‘brown s***’ at fines’ meetings.

Mark Boucher termed some of the post-match celebrations as “totally inappropriate, unacceptable and in retrospect, understandably offensive” and went on to apologise for his part in it. He said:

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“Apologies for the part I played in joining in with my teammates in singing offensive songs or using offensive nicknames.”

Mark Boucher issued a public statement regarding the allegations

Mark Boucher (L), AB de Villiers (M) and Graeme Smith.
Mark Boucher (L), AB de Villiers (M) and Graeme Smith.

In addition to the affidavit submitted to the SJN, Mark Boucher issued a public statement regarding the allegations that he faced at the hearings. Boucher stated that he is keen to end the speculation surrounding the allegations and wants to issue an apology.

“Naturally enough, I am keen to end speculation and the inflammatory comments that have come with it. My intention in making this statement and releasing my affidavit, is to disclose the fact of my apology, to give context and to move forward as quickly and positively as possible,” said Boucher.

The Proteas coach revealed that the team was also made aware of the affidavit before embarking on the tour to Sri Lanka to avoid having the issue as a distraction during the series.

“I made the team aware of the affidavit while inviting them to read it if they should so wish. I felt that it is essential to deal with the allegations prior to our departure, so the distraction from the focus of the tour could be kept to a minimum,” revealed Boucher.

The list of persons accused of racial discrimination and abuse includes prominent names like Mark Boucher, Graeme Smith and AB de Villiers. They will start giving their affidavits and submissions from August 23.