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Microsoft OneDrive APK 6.29 Download for Android (Latest version)



Microsoft OneDrive APK cover

Microsoft OneDrive APK is a cloud storage app for Android phones, allows you to save file and document. You can access, open, save, copy and all other basic file operations quickly and neatly anytime, anywhere, as long as there is internet.

Overview information

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What is Microsoft OneDrive?

You probably already know it if you use a PC with Windows operating system. Microsoft OneDrive is an application from the Microsoft corporation, although small and seems to have a simple feature, but its efficiency and convenience are great for users. In short, with just a few simple touches on the smartphone screen, you can store all documents, pictures and other files in fast, intuitive and efficient way. Without having to go through multiple browsers individually for different applications.

Important, all the actions on Microsoft OneDrive are effective immediately, with no latency. This is something you can hardly do in other file manager applications available today.