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Millie Bobby Brown’s Best Performances, Ranked



Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown may not have many major roles under her belt, but she has certainly cemented herself as one of the best young actresses of the last decade. Millie Bobby Brown was born in Marbella, Spain, before moving to the UK before she was five, the actress later moved to Orlando, Florida in 2011, where she would attend acting classes on a Saturday just to pass the time. Brown was later spotted by a Hollywood talent scout and told Millie’s parents “she has instincts you cannot teach”. At a very young age, she learned to master an impeccable American accent just by watching movies on Disney Channel. Not long after, her dad drove her to Los Angeles to meet many Hollywood Execs and attend numerous auditions.

Millie’s first role on camera was playing a young version of Alice in Once Upon A Time In Wonderland,

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a spin-off series from the hit series Once Upon A Time. After that, Brown made brief appearances in hit TV shows, with a blink, and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in Modern Family and a role as a patient in one episode of Greys Anatomy. Ever since Millie Bobby Brown has become a fan favorite actress and is slowly taking over Hollywood, with Brown delivering memorable performances in Stranger Things, Godzilla: King of The Monsters and Enola Holmes. So, with that, here are some of Millie Bobby Brown’s best performances.

Millie Bobby Brown was fairly sidelined in this monster mash movie, playing Madison Russel. In the film, Madison hears that Godzilla started attacking innocent people on Bernie Hayes (Brian Tyree Henry) podcast; after hearing this, she goes on a mission to find out why the lizard went rogue. Brown’s character didn’t have much screen time compared to the first; however Brown still manages to deliver a compelling performance stealing every scene she is in.

This Monster-verse movie is pretty much what the title suggests. Godzilla Vs Kongfollows Kong who sets out to find his true home, while the giant lizard, Godzilla goes on a path of destruction seeking out the last of the titans to finally claim his title as king of the monsters. This leads to an epic Kaiju battle where the two titans throw down in the most destructive of ways.

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As her first major role in a big blockbuster film, Brown still manages to hold her own alongside a very talented cast, bringing her emotion, depth and power that the actress is praised for. Godzilla: King of The Monsters sees Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russel. In the film, Madison and her mother Emma, are kidnapped by a group of eco-terrorists, as they want to use a device called the “ORCA” to awaken all the titans and give the world back to them. The “ORCA” is a device which will mimic the voice and noise from any giant Kaiju, a device of which Madison’s mother is responsible for. While the characters in this ginormous monster movie are fairly forgettable, Madison is a standout character, no thanks to Millie Bobby Brown’s exceptional performance in the role.

After the legendary titan, King Ghidorah is awakened; the giant Hydra seeks to destroy the world, and claim his throne as the king of the monsters. The organization known as Monarch must find a way to defeat the terrifying Kaiju, relying on the almighty Godzilla to protect the world.

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