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Netflix’s Wednesday: Plot, Cast and Everything Else We Know



Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

Wednesday is bringing the darkness everyone loves to Netflix. And everyone loves The Addams Family! Their cheerfully gothic presence gave every alternative teenager (and adult) a reason to be happy about being different. They drove a hearse around town. They could be seen at the beach in full black attire. They would walk into a restaurant and order a plate of spaghetti and eyeballs. All while keeping the nonchalant expression that told the world all this was perfectly normal. It w as everyone else who was strange.

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There was a vampiric mother, a sword-fighting father, a cousin who was just a pile of hair, and certainly, everyone’s favorite daughter: the expressionless and sadistic Wednesday.

While The Addams Family was born in 1938 in a New Yorker cartoon by Charles Addams, most will know them from their live-action films in the ’90s or the more recent animated movies in 2019 and 2021. And now they return to the screen with Wednesday at center stage.

The new Netflix series just dropped a first look at the frightful main character and Thing, the sentient hand who has always been a family member. Though it’s just a teaser, it’s enough to get fans excited to hear the director is none other than the master of the macabre — Tim Burton.

The Addams Family typically has fairly predictable storylines. They mostly feature a slice of the odd life that they lead. But some of the most popular movies have been strange turns focused on specific characters, like the 1991 movie when Uncle Fester was secretly replaced by someone planning to evict the Addams Family. That’s what we’ll be getting with Wednesday.

The new series will look at this terrifying girl in a new light. Mostly, we’re used to seeing her incessant intellectual torture of her brother, Pugsley. Wednesday would craft horrible traps, design ghastly experiments, and generally use Pugsley as some type of tortured, but strangely willing, guinea pig. But this series promises much more than just the devious designs of Wednesday Addams.

This time, Wednesday will be going through adolescence as she journeys through this coming-of-age story. Teddy Biaselli, the director of YA/Family series at Netflix, says this about what the writers have in store: