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Nithyananda’s “Kailaasa” Nation Wiki, Island Location, Flag, Passport & More

Nithyananda Kailaasa is a name of an Island owned by controversial godman Swami Nithyananda since December 2019. The island is located in Ecuador on South America’s west coast. Nithyananda is trying to make this island a separate country, especially for the people who belong to the Hindu religion. This self-proclaimed godman submitted a petition to the United Nations regarding the island nation called Kailaasa. He is the first person to own a such a big island.

News: The United States of America recognized the United States of KAILASA and signed a bilateral agreement on January 11, 2023.

United Nations of Kailaasa

According to the website Kailaasa.org, “Kailaasa is a nation without borders created by dispossessed Hindus from around the world who lost the right to practice Hinduism authentically in their own countries.”

Where is Kailaasa?

Kailaasa nation or the Kailaasa Island is located in Ecuador country which is a part of South America.

Interesting facts about Nithyananda Kailaasa country

  • Official Languages: Swami Nithyananda has declared three languages as official languages for his upcoming country which are English, Sanskrit, and Tamil.
  • Ministries of Kailaasa: There are 10 ministries (Health, State, Technology, Enlighten Civilisation, Human Service, Housing Facility, Economics & Treasury) forms to contribute Kailaasa.
  • Population: 10 crores Adi Shaivites (people who follow Shaivism) 20 crore practising Hinduism
  • Religion: Sanatana Hindu Dharma (i.e. Hinduism)
  • Media: Swami Nithyananda’s government has its own news company called Nithyananda Times where people can get information about the current affairs of Kailaasa Island. There is a television channel functioning on that Island called Nithyananda TV where people can watch the spiritual speeches of Nithi (Swami Nithyananda). The official website of Kailaasa island is Kailaasa.org.
nithyananda island
  • National Flag: The flag is hosted of Trishul (one of the Hindu Gods weapon) and the flag has maroon as the background colour. Nithi’s image is located on the left portion of the flag and remaining right portion is occupied by animal god Nandhi. The flag is called as Vishaba Thajva.
Kailaasa Nation Flag
Kailaasa Flag
  • Government Programs: Each and every citizen of Kailaasa can utilize the benefits of free education, health support, and food. Kailaasa provides free training to 200 crore Hindus.
  • National Animal: Lord Nandhi. As per Hindu myth, Nandhi is a soldier of lord Shiva.
  • National Bird: Sharabha (Sharabam – a mythological creature that resembles a lion with wings)
Kailaasa National  Bird Sharabam
  • National Emblem: Godman Nithi has chosen four images as the emblem for his Island country. They are Lord Shiva, Shakthi & Nandhi and his own image.
Kailaasa National  Emblem
  • National Flower: Lotus flower is the national flower of Kailaasa.
Kailaasa National  Flower Lotus
Kailaasa National  Tree Banyan

Currency: Cryptocurrency.

Kailaasa Cryptocurrency

Kailaasa Logo

Kailaasa Logo

Kailaasa Passport

Kailaasa Passport

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