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Planning A Wedding? Make It Unique With These 5 Ideas



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Weddings! It’s an exciting time for any bride and bridegroom, from getting the flowers ready to looking forward to seeing great aunt Jane!

Don’t Go Bridezilla

Weddings involve a lot of planning and, although exciting, can be a stressful time, especially for the bride (and the bride’s long-suffering best friends!). One of the biggest stressors is creating a unique wedding, especially if you are trying to keep costs to a sensible level.

Luckily, though, many creative wedding ideas are out there to try, including these five below!

Get creative with your wedding hashtag!

A unique way to add a personal touch to your wedding is by creating a bespoke hashtag or using your own name as the hashtag.

There are two basic ways to do this: one way is by setting up a Twitter account just for the wedding and then creating an account on Tweetdeck

to manage it. This allows you to make sure your bespoke hashtag is used throughout the day and by guests as they post their photos on social media.

You can also use the bespoke hashtag on your wedding invitations and other stationery items, which add a nice personal touch to your day!

Book amazing entertainment!

One thing that will really make your wedding unique is by booking some amazing entertainment. This could be a duo, a musical band, or a festival DJ. Whatever you go for, it’s sure to add a touch of sparkle to the day.

Always make sure you pick the Wedding Entertainment that you would like to listen to or be entertained by, and this also runs to picking songs and music that you like and the standard party set.

Have a wedding guestbook alternative!

Many people getting married now are part of an age group that doesn’t normally write a lot of letters, so perhaps you might want to find something else for them to leave their message upon.
Maybe you could have a photo booth with props? Or even better, ask them to record a video message for the happy couple that they can watch back when they return from their honeymoon.
Be creative! There’s more than one way of doing things, and you don’t have to stick with tradition.

Have a creative and unique bridal shower!

If you are having a bridal shower, why not do something different? You can have people bring you a gift that they have made themselves as opposed to store-bought items. This is especially nice for items such as the kitchen, such as other practical gifts you can use in your home.

This is probably something that can be done with a lot less expensive than having an elaborate party!

Have a wedding date that is different from the traditional one!

If you are having your wedding in a religious building or anywhere else that doesn’t have a standard date, research the times of weddings at the place.

You could also look at doing something unique with the time, for example, if most people will be arriving after 10:00 am, but your family and friends are coming over from a long way, and they can’t get there until after 12:00 pm, what would you do?

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