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Prey’s Dog Actor Was ‘Super Rambunctious’ on Set



Prey and Dog

While fans and critics have been loving Amber Midthunder in the lead role in Prey, another standout character in the film would be her faithful canine companion, Sarii. The dog was played by an “animal actor” named Coco who was making her feature film debut with the Predator prequel. In fact, Coco was adopted for the film, and without any of that prior movie experience, it sometimes took some patience from the cast and crew to get through certain scenes.

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In a new interview with Dexerto, director Dan Trachtenberg touched on Sarii and the dog who portrays her, Coco. Trachtenberg explained how the idea to have the dog featured in the film was inspired by movies like Mad Max: The Road Warrior having a dog serve as a sidekick to the hero. The filmmaker also revealed how Sarii was originally written to have much less screen time, but during production, more and more scenes were given to the canine.

But using Coco so much was not without its issues. The dog was very energetic, according to Trachtenberg, with sometimes created some difficulties with getting the right take. That just meant that the cast and crew would applaud and presumably let Coco know how much of a good girl she is when she happened to hit her mark perfectly. Here’s what Trachtenberg said of working with Coco.

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Prey star Amber Midthunder also weighed in on what it was like to work with Coco. According to Midthunder, the dog was certainly a bit of a “hot mess” given her lack of experience with making movies. With that said, there was no one on set getting upset with Coco when certain takes didn’t go right, as everyone loves her too much.

Prey is now streaming on Hulu.