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Robin Williams Fans Are Mourning His Death 8 Years Later: ‘I’m Still Not Over It’



Robin Williams in Boulevard

Two years shy of a decade past his death, late comedy legend Robin Williams remains one of the most beloved entertainers of all time. On Aug. 11, 2014, the world lost Williams when the veteran actor and comedian died at the age of 63. Eight years to the day later, Williams’ name is trending on social media as fans everywhere remember Williams by sharing tribute posts and remembering some of their favorite roles from the Oscar winner.

“8 years ago Robin Williams died and his presence is still missed daily,” reads one tribute post. “No one could balance humor, energy, passion and vulnerability quite like Robin. You laughed with him Good Morning Vietnam

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and Popeye but you could cry with him in superb dramas like Dead Poets Society.”

“We lost a very talented person 8 yrs ago,” says one fan. “Remembering Robin Williams and sending love to his family today. Always missed and still adored by his fans around the world.”

Posting a video clip from a Robin Williams documentary, another fan stated, “Always wanna take a moment on this day to remember my favorite actor, and inspirations as a person, Robin Williams. His relentlessness to bring positivity, joy and show kindness to others through his own personal deamons until the very end is something I’ll never forget.”

“Wow. Robin Williams died 8 years ago?” says someone else. “I just watched the movie Jack last night. The ’90s magic’ factor in that movie is absolutely off the charts. Robin Williams was one of the brightest souls ever to grace the big screen.”

One fan who was left heartbroken about the actor’s death tweeted, “August 11, 2014 was the saddest day of my life when my hero Robin Williams passed away. Laughter really died on that day. I wonder what he’ll think of today’s world? I miss you so much.”

And another mournful fan said, “I absolutely love this man so much, you are able to be happy and free of everything that held you down. we miss you like crazy, and I’m so sorry that here on this side you felt so much pain. THANK YOU ROBIN WILLIAMS, YOU SIR, ARE BEAUTIFUL.”