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Romance Fate MOD APK 2.4.6 (Unlimited Diamonds/Tickets) Download



Romance Fate MOD APK cover

Romance Fate MOD APK is a dating simulation role-playing game. In the game, you can be a girl or also a guy. But all are drowning in the sweetness of love. How you respond with each gesture, the other person’s words will determine the destination of the love story.

Overview information

Romance Fate: The world of love stories where your heart will flutter with emotion

This is the most straightforward dating simulation game I’ve ever known

There have been many dating simulation games available on many different platforms. Many of them revolve around one or a few stories, and then they gradually give you options to unfold a larger knot. Or others will combine two in one between a selecting-simulation form and match-3 puzzle form to increase entertainment. In my opinion, all of these methods are quite wordy and sometimes make the whole story cluttered, fragmented, and less interesting. Why don’t people get straight to the main point: dating?

My question was answered when playing Romance Fate. It’s very direct, does not have a long-complicated storyline, and goes straight to what needs to be said. It is a very worthy game choice.


Actually, the attraction is not in manipulation or gameplay

Entering the world of love stories in Romance Fate, you will be given a choice of story and one of two main characters. And in the style of traditional choice simulation, when each situation unfolds, you respond and make choices continuously. These choices are made by yourself, following your heart. And every step brings different outcomes.

Sometimes you just vaguely choose to pass a conversation, but in the end, the unexpected outcome makes you surprised. Sometimes it’s a sigh of relief because you made the right decision. Sometimes it’s a regret that will last until the game is finished. “Why don’t I do that?”, “I’m such an idiot”, “I want to try living differently” … will be some of a series of questions you will ask yourself after playing a dramatic game like Romance Fate.