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Rutherford Falls Season 2: Plot, Cast and Everything Else We Know



Rutherford Falls Season 2 on Peacock

Released in April 2021, Peacock’s Rutherford Falls brought us into the small-town life of its titular setting. We were introduced to the lives of multiple characters as they fought for what they believed in, challenged their relationships with one another, and found themselves in plenty of hilarious scenarios. Following a positive critical reception, Rutherford Falls was renewed for a second season which is set to air later this month.

For fans who may not already be aware, Peacock released the trailer for season two earlier this month, which promises more laughter-inducing moments to come. In a statement regarding the upcoming second season, series co-creator Sierra Teller Ornelas had this to say:

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We’re looking forward to where the creators and actors behind Rutherford Falls take us next when its second season releases this month. In anticipation of our return to the series, let’s go over everything we know so far.

The final episodes of season one left us with a big twist: Nathan Rutherford discovered that he isn’t actually related to the founder of Rutherford Falls, throwing his entire campaign around the statue into question. We don’t have many details on how season two will pick up from here. Still, we can easily assume that this revelation will be a huge obstacle for Nathan moving forward as he ponders whether his dedication to the town so far has been worthwhile. There is also a high chance this will throw further developments into his relationship with Reagan.

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We have to wonder how people on the opposing side of Nathan will continue to use this newfound information. How might it be further used to give Nathan less credibility? Along with this, we’re excited to see how Rutherford Falls will continue to address topics such as colonialism and progressivism, all with a dose of hilarity. These are important, real-world issues that many are working to broach today. Rutherford Falls has been doing its part to address them by creating a team of Indigenous writers from multiple backgrounds, ensuring the show is comedic while still remaining respectful.

In an interview with the New York Times, Sierra Teller Ornelas — who created the series alongside Ed Helms and Michael Schur — revealed that she had been told initially there wasn’t a sufficient number of Native American actors or writers to create a Native-themed television show. However, she informed interviewers: