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Scream Reboot Star Jasmin Savoy Brown Supports Neve Campbell After Franchise Exit



Jasmin Savoy Brown Scream

It has been reported that franchise star Neve Campbell will not return for Scream 6, and while this news will disappoint many, her co-stars have been offering their support. In recent days, Scream

legacy stars like David Arquette, Matthew Lillard, and Jamie Kennedy have come to Campbell’s defense. They have praised Campbell for having the ability to walk away from an offer that she didn’t feel was fair to the value she brought to the popular horror franchise.

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Speaking with Variety, Scream reboot star Jasmin Savoy Brown joined the others in backing Campbell’s choice. Brown relates to the difficulties working women face in Hollywood and has nothing but respect for Campbell declining an offer that did not make her happy. At the same time, Brown feels satisfied with the screenplay for Scream 6 and is optimistic that the sequel can succeed without Campbell’s return as Sidney.

This means there will be just one confirmed legacy cast member that’s coming back for Scream 6. Courteney Cox has previously said that she will be coming back as Gale in the sequel and similarly said she was satisfied with the script. Certain scenes may have since needed to be rewritten in light of Campbell’s franchise exit if she was planned to be involved with the new film.

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Following swirling rumors of Neve Campbell rejecting Scream 6, the actress put out a statement confirming the news. Campbell explained that the financial offer given to her was just too low and not indicative of the value she had brought to the Scream franchise as essentially the face of the franchise. She also admitted that it was a “difficult” choice and thanked her fans for always giving her support throughout the past 25 years. Per Deadline, you can read Campbell’s statement below.

It won’t include Campbell, but Scream 6 will be released on March 31, 2023.